Emergency Food Relief

Our hearts have ached over the past few months seeing the humanitarian crises developing in Ukraine.  With millions of Ukrainians displaced, fleeing the place they call home and leaving behind all that they know. When faced with events such as these, we often enter into a cycle of questions, guilt, emotion, and seek ways to show our support in any way we can. As this historical event unfolds, Nevidi-Home has chosen to support World Central Kitchen, aiding civilians and refugees struggling during this time of hardship. 

WCK is a non-profit organization founded by the indefatigable Chef Andres that provides warm nourishing meals and clean water for folks in eight Ukrainian cities, and to refugees in nearby countries including: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and is expanding their emergency services to more locations by the hour. At WCK, they believe in the power of food and its means of connection, community, and peace, as well as a universal human right. 

Amidst these unprecedented moments, we’ve seen the image of the sunflower take on a new meaning. As the national flower of Ukraine, the familiar bright yellow blossom has become a symbol of resistance, solidarity, identity, and hope. For every FreshCut Paper ‘Sunflower’ pop-up bouquet sold through our website, we will be directly donating 20% of those sales to World Central Kitchen’s tireless efforts. Our company stands with the Ukrainian people and wishes peace for every individual and family burdened by these events and has donated over $100,000 to the efforts of WCK.

To learn more about Chef Andres and World Central Kitchen, and keep up with their work with #ChefsForUkraine visit : https://wck.org


​​After 2 days of traveling by foot & bus through Ukraine, Miroslaw's family made it across the border into Poland. They gathered a bit of strength & warmth with hot WCK meals before continuing their journey to Germany—Miroslaw's father stayed in Ukraine. #ChefsForUkraine 

Image and Caption via World Central Kitchen’s Twitter

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